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Education & FAQ Family Of Caring

Our mission at the Family of Caring Healthcare system has always been to enlighten others on the positive aspects of aging as well as to educate the community on related issues that affect each and every one of us everyday.

Seminars and in services are available on our website monthly – check back often to remind yourself of possible interested seminars that you can choose to attend for valuable information and tools to keep you and your family knowledgeable of events and new ideas and changes.

Our resource guide highlights many areas of concern. Experience in these areas help to guide our community and strengthen our bond with others to help and support the patients we serve.

Medicare Brochure

We have organized a brochure titled “A Practical Guide to Medicare” which explains the Medicare program and Medicare benefits such as hospital insurance.


What is Subacute Care

Essential differences between the care received in an acute hospital and that received in a subacute/rehabilitation facility


What is Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a specialty in the medical field that focuses primarily on improving a person’s physical functioning.


What to Expect after a Stroke

Having a stroke can be a life-altering event. The effects of ones stroke may seem significant now, but it is important to remember that the first year of recovery