Covid-19, Infection Control Measures During

Policy Statement

When covid-19 is detected in the geographic region of the facility, aggressive infection control measures will be implemented to prevent introduction of the virus to residents, staff and visitors.

Policy Interpretation and Implementation

  • Due to the increased risk of mortality from covid-19 in the frail elderly, infection control measures to prevent the introduction or spread of the covid-19 virus is a priority.
  • Early prevention of covid-19 outbreak consists of the following measures:
  • Training clinical staff in the modes of transmission of the virus;
  • Training residents, families and non-clinical staff on the symptoms of covid-19 and standard infection control precautions (e.g., handwashing, respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette, etc.);
  • Early detection of cases in the facility;
  • Use of antiviral medications to treat ill persons, as recommended by current clinical practice guidelines;
  • Isolation of infected residents in private rooms or cohort units;
  • Use of appropriate barrier precautions during resident care; and
  • Restriction of visitors who have been exposed to or are symptomatic of covid-19.
  • If pandemic covid-19 is detected in the geographic region of the facility, the following measures will be taken to prevent or delay the introduction of the virus to the facility:
  • Display signs and/or posters (in appropriate languages) at the entry to the facility restricting entry by any persons who have been exposed to or have symptoms of pandemic covid-19;
  • Train staff to visually and verbally screen visitors at facility entry points for respiratory symptoms of pandemic covid-19;
  • Provide a telephone number for family and visitors to call for information regarding prevention and control strategies for pandemic covid-19;
  • Screen all employees for respiratory illness before coming on duty and send any symptomatic employees home;
  • Refer to Pandemic covid-19 Plan for employee absences and contact Medical Director, Clinical consultants and or Division Medical Director; and
  • Increase resident surveillance for covid-19 respiratory-like illness. Notify local or state health department if a case is suspected.
  • If an outbreak of pandemic covid-19 occurs within the facility, strict adherence to standard and transmission-based precautions and other infection control measures will be implemented according to the most current CDC recommendations for COVID-19.



OBRA Regulatory Reference Numbers  483.73(a)

Survey Tag Numbers: E0004

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