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Connect™ Cardiac/Pulmonary Program

Connect™ Cardiac/Pulmonary Program  Family Of Caring

Family of Caring connects patients to a life of good health.

The number one leading cause of  illness for those over the age of 55 is cardio and pulmonary diseases.

The Heart is the connection to Good Health
Good Health is the connection to a Good Life

Introducing our newest program:

At Family of Caring, we offer a proven track record of helping our patients stay the course after a cardiac or pulmonary event. From meeting their needs in the hospital to a smooth transition to our rehabilitation facility to a successful discharge home, we will guide them through every step.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of our patients and their families through education and a commitment to their recovery. We offer intensive patient specific medical rehabilitation seven days a week to aid in the recovery process and maximize strength and independence.

Our program is led by a board certified cardiologist and implemented by certified cardiac nurse practitioners. They manage the often complex medical status of the cardiopulmonary patients to help ensure a successful and sustainable recovery.

Whatever a patient’s rehabilitative needs, Family of Caring is their connection to good health.

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