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Mrs. Clark

Irene Clark is a very active with a mind and will of her own. Even though her CHF and COPD have affected her life, she was determined to work hard to return to her home alone, even though oxygen would be needed.

Her therapy at Dellridge was monumental to her recovery and getting her back to her home. She needed the time to increase her strength and endurance and to maximize her ability to complete everyday daily tasks due to her condition.

“It’s like I have an elephant in my chest” at times and “I get tired very easily”, she told us here at Dellridge. “I needed this time at Dellridge for me, to be able to get back on my feet and to regain my independence”.

Irene work with Sarah on home based activities as well as strength, balance, mobility and safety to carry over to her home environment. They worked together, side by side, on techniques and strategies to allow Irene to complete her necessary activities while conserving her energy due to her cardiac/pulmonary condition.

Irene got back home; she is busy with her life. We are so happy to get you back home safely and in the best condition to continue your active life!