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What you Need to Know About Joint Replacement

GETTING MOVING AGAINIt may come as a surprise to you that total joint replacement patients are usually encouraged to get up and start moving around as soon as possible after surgery—as early as the day of surgery. When you are medically stable, the physical therapist will recommend certain exercises for the affected joint. Physical therapy […]

What to Expect after a Stroke

Having a stroke can be a life-altering event. The effects of ones stroke may seem significant now, but it is important to remember that the first year of recovery is critical in order to regain strength and return to prior functional levels. Extensive rehabilitation consisting of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy will be […]

What is Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a specialty in the medical field that focuses primarily on improving a person’s physical functioning. It is the individual’s entire body that the various professionals within the field target to assist in helping a patient improve to prior or optimal levels of functioning. The three main disciplines within Rehabilitation are Physical Therapy, Occupational […]

Preventing Dehydration

Preventing Dehydration In Older Adults What is dehydration?Dehydration is a lack of fluid in the body. It is often caused by poor fluid intake or by losing too many fluids through normal body processes. Fluid is critical to most body functions. It is important for carrying oxygen and energy to the body, as well as […]

Good Nutrition for Healthy Aging

Eating a low salt, low-fat diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and fiber can actually reduce your age-related risks of chronic diseases. Eating a variety of foods will help meet your nutrient needs. Successful Aging Strategies Good nutrition plays an important role in how well you age. Protein – a part of all living cells• […]

What is Subacute Care

Now that you or your family member have been discharged from the hospital to our center, it is important to explain some of the essential differences between the care received in an acute hospital and that received in a subacute/rehabilitation facility. In an acute hospital, a patient’s acuity (severity of medical problems) is much higher. […]