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Long Term Care

We have been providing long term care needs for over 35 years and we find it a privilege to take care of your family with the care they need and the service they deserve. We provide on site medical and nursing care 24 hours a day for our aging populations that have chronic conditions or prolonged illnesses. We are devoted to creating a homelike environment that soothes and comforts families in knowing that confidently we can provide the care and maintain the highest level of independence and quality of life possible for each and every individual person.

We provide stimulating recreational programs 7 days a week, all throughout the day starting early in the morning to late night to ensure maximum sensory stimulation and a positive environment. We enjoy our residents and all that they bring to us on a daily basis – we make them feel wanted and loved and appreciated. Come see the difference between care and caring in our centers.

Watch an AOL exclusive video from Rob Lowe on the importance of Long Term Care.