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Portraits of Care

When we consider the options for sub acute care, many of us look to our friends and family who might have recently been in contact with a facility which they were happy to recommend. Over 90% of our patients would return to our facilities and many boast about their experiences and wish to tell others. What better way to hear about a facility than to receive a 100% recommendation from a community member?

We share our experiences so that others have a comfortable feeling before coming to our facilities. Anyone wanting a personal recommendation is encouraged to call our facilities and speak with our Admissions Directors. They will put you in touch with a one-on-one referral to speak with one of our patients who recently left about their experience so that your peace of mind can be put at rest and be assured you made the best possible decision when coming to our facilities.

Mrs. Clark

Mrs. Clark Irene Clark is a very active with a mind and will of her own. Even though her CHF and COPD have affected her life, she was determined to work hard to return to her home alone, even though oxygen would be needed. Her therapy at Dellridge was monumental

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Mr. Grunstein

Mr. Grunstein Mr. Grunstein came to Dellridge for subacute rehabilitation in April of 2013, after having hip replacement surgery. He came to us after learning of our 5 star status and seeing first hand the quality care that he witnessed. One month after his surgery, he was actively back to

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Ms. Kush

Ms. Kush “Hip replacement was not on the top of my list of things to do”. I was stubborn – I wasn’t even thinking about replacement of my hip. But then I kept falling and it was impacting my hobbies which are cooking and traveling with the family. It was

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Mr. Capozzi

Mr. Capozzi Mr. Capozzi was with us in February of 2014 after having a hip replacement. He did so well with his therapy that his stay was only six days and he walked out with his cane in the air. “My therapists were wonderful,” he says, “they were so good

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