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Orthopedic Services

Our well known Orthopedic Rehabilitation Units are outcome driven with results oriented time frame programs to track your progress in real time. Our approach following joint replacement surgery or joint injury revolves around prior functional status and optimal regaining of your mobility and independence.

At Family of Caring, we provide a combination of care and comfort, from our tastefully decorated rooms and comfortable lounge for visiting family and friends, to our beautifully landscaped grounds. With our overall welcoming ambiance we create an inviting home-like atmosphere for our clients and their guests.

Therapeutic progress is monitored daily and changes in treatment and needs are quickly addressed. Together the client, family and our interdisciplinary team are committed to restoring maximum functional ability in the shortest practical period of time in order to resume life in the community.

At Family of Caring, our goal is to provide the best care and service to every client every time. Our core values of excellence, compassion and respect challenge us to strive for distinction both in the quality of care we provide and the level of dignity with which it’s delivered.